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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 18, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> grant:now at eight. the new threat from isis. against new york city, >> grant:the disturbing video that promises new attacks. >>whoosh >> grant:amazing new surveillance video of that tour bus crash in san francisco whoosh >> grant:quadcopter four takes you up above the valley fire devastation. >> grant:tonight. the heartbreaking loss of a lake county resort. >>you still lose precious stuff in a disaster like this that you can never replaceit's gone. >>whoosh
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>> grant:and what you need to know before your holiday shopping. kron four shows you ten toys that should never be under a christmas tree, this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> catherine:now at 8. >> catherine:images of suicide bombers mixed with scenes from newan ominous new propaganda video from isis warns that last week's paris attacks are just the beginning. >> catherine:24 hours after a raid that may have killed one of its top operatives in europe.isis is promising new assaults on the west. >> catherine:grant lodes joins us with details on this new threat. >> grant:yes, catherine >> grant: video includes references to last friday's paris terror attacks. it mocks the french president's plan to send an aircraft carrier into battle against isis in the middle east, >> grant:and promises quote "what's coming next will be far worse and far more bitter." music and threats of mayhem. >> grant:the ten-minute
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video warns france to expect car bombs. britain to expect sniper attacks. >> grant:and the u=s. suicide bombers. >> grant:the video shows new york's herald and times squares. and zooms in on tgi=fridays, a possible reference to last week's deadly assaults on paris. >>bangity bang >> grant:the suspected mastermind of those attacks may have died in a hail of police bullets last night. police fired 5=thousand rounds during the four hour siege of an apartment in the suburb of san denis >>"really, we could see the bullets, the light of the laser pointing our way. really it was the explosions, we could feel the building shaking." residends were ordered to stay inside as army troops sealed off the neighborhood. all public transport was shut down >> grant:one of the suspects, a woman, blew herself up, killing an explosive sniffing police dog. at least two people died in the apartment building. dna tests are under way to
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see if one of them is abdel=hamid aba=aoud, the belgian leader of the terror group. >> grant:eight people were arrested, one of them a woman. >> grant:french police say the group was poised to launch an attack on a huge department store at la defense, a business and shopping center about ten miles from san denis. >>we are at war. >> grant:france's president is asking for special emergency powers to deal with terrorists, giving police wider authority to conduct searches and detain suspects, france is also responding to russia's call for a grand coalition against isis. >> grant:russia is sending its mightiest bombers against deliver nuclear bombs in thecold war, the giant aircraft are now raining cruise missiles down on isis=controlled oil refineries. >> catherine:in other news... >> catherine:a homeless man is behind bars - suspected of spray painting a wall at the french american school in san francisco.
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police arrested 44-year-old edward vanwright. >> catherine:he's suspected of trespassing, vandalism, and being a sex registrant on school grounds. he was found around masonic avenue and fulton street today. >> catherine:police say there's no evidence that's he's connected to terrorism or intended to threaten the school. the vandalism was discovered yesterday on an outdoor wall. >> catherine:it depicted an eight-point star surrounding a crescent moon and the number 7. the symbol is affiliated with the "five percent nation". which is an offshoot of the nation of islam. >> catherine:a father and son are in the hospital....following a shooting last night in the east bay. it happened near a store in richmond. >> catherine:police say at least one person in a car opened fire on the father and his 5-year-old son. it's not clear yet whether it was gang-related. >> catherine:police have not yet released surveillance video... but are looking for a white ford sedan. they say the south richmond area has recently been plagued with violence. >> grant:we're following breaking news in the north bay. where both eastbound lanes of highway 37 remain closed after a deadly accident this afternoon. two big rigs.and five other vehicles are involved. >> grant:one person has
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died. >> grant:no word tonight on other injuries. this is at lakeviille road.right before you hit highway 121.headed east towards vallejo. >> grant: >> >> grant: >> grant:there is no estimate on when those two eastbound lanes of highway 37 will re-open. traffic is being divereted onto lakeville road. >> pam: >> catherine: the news
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coverage has started, let's listen in. just >> and its last week we had initiated the first wave of our command that are 500 + officers that are dedicated. these officers, have been assigned and the last month and will specifically be trained and equipped, plus armed to handle any terrorist threat creek is a part of our overall efforts. >> the people in york city can rest assured that extraordinary efforts are being created every single day to keep them safe. the finest police force, since 911 have continuously protected. and it will
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continue to do so. >> reminding on yorkers that we can depend on nypd but at the same time every resident can help nypd. if you see something strange, say something that is very meaningful. if you think something is very suspicious, a package for your information that nypd should have, police in the lead contact 911 or contact a police officer. that type of information or lease can be very very helpful to the department. >> catherine: are talking about the latest ices of attack. isis is stating that is just the beginning. america is among their
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potential attacks. >> catherine: new york police department in stating that they have officers that are prepared to deal with the attack and they will continue to keep the community's safe. >> catherine: new tonight at 8. >> catherine: the santa clara sheriff's office is under fire for the number of excessive force complaints on file. kron 4's alecia reid talked to a dept. lieutenant -- who says his office takes every one of those complaints seriously. >> reporter:that lieutenant tells me every excessive force complaint has been investigated by their internal affairs unit, and taken. >> - most of the time we if that report is contrary to the video we can close it out back and take. --out at
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intake >> reporter:over the last 5 years, there have been 288 complaints of excessive force against deputies inside the santa clara jail. this report was mentally ill inmate whose cell back in august. other inmates reported hearing the deadly 3 deputies are facing murder charges. aside from these 3 men, leiutenant neil valenzuela tells me there have been other cases of deputies being reprimanded for their behavior. >> - suspension without pay, termination, demotion, criminal charges perhaps. >> reporter:the department is currently re-examining all excessive to ensure they were closed appropriately. of the 65 that were filed, 36 of them are still being investigated. >> reporter:according to the sheriff's office, there are about 50 and the number of excessive force complaints for the santa clara jail fluctuates between 50 and 70 every year. reporting live in san jose >> reporter: >> catherine:heart-stopping video tonight.showing that
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run-a-way tour bus that crashed last week in union square. grant is here with that.and how this could have been so much worse. >> grant:a very quick footed, agile guy barely avoided severe injury or worse. take a closer look. >> grant:we'll freeze it and slow it down. >> grant:a man starts to cross the street.the scaffolding to his right is then drilled by a double decker bus barreling down the street at the north-east corner of union square. >> grant:kron four's dan kerman breaks down all the new video.and talks to the police chief about the investigation into what caused injuries to nearly two dozen people. >> reporter:take a look at this video of friday's tour bus crash in union square it's from several of the union square business improvement associations security cameras. in this video you can see where the bus makes contact with the scaffolding at post and stockton and finally comes to a stop you see various heads pop up from what looks to be the top of the bus. but you can also see the bus before impact barreling down post street and hitting several orange barriers. at this time, the investigation
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is not focussing on human error >> greg suhr/san francisco police chief -- our focus is on the bus. >> reporter:the highway patrol's motor vehicle unit will inspect the bus to see if mechanical error played a role. >> has not been concluded. but we are looking at the main is or shape of the bus itself. it is just a horrible collision. >> reporter:that brings into question the rest of the fleet of city sightseeing buses. while 9 of the 27 bus fleet passed a chp inspection back motor vehicle unit plans to return to the company's bus another inspection, both of buses and maintenance records. >> reporter:in the east bay. a group of students at cal rallied to support victims of sexual assault. and to encourage
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>> catherine: the school from keeping sexual predators off campus. >> catherine: today. the group marched across campus. >> catherine: students say that criminal charges are rare in rape cases. and that the university needs to do a better job of handling sexual assaults. >> catherine: they're also encouraging the university to enforce the new "yes means yes" law. >> we want to make it clear to students and across all campuses and not just uc berkeley but everywhere. if you rape their art a series of reports parsons and you will be handled accordingly. and that is how it should be handled. >> catherine:in august. a
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male student at cal was expelled for assaulting a female student on campus. during a hearing today. the school expelled the student. >> catherine:he is no longer allowed ona press conference is set of the assault. >> catherine: also, traffic is worse than next a violent predators is released, where is he staying? >> diane: we had some nice warm temperatures today but will that last until thanksgiving? [door knocking]
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[door bell ringing] ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you candy. ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you... ♪ ♪ apple and plum and apricot-a too, eh! ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house a come on. ♪
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♪ come on-a my house, my house... ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give you everything. ♪ complete your thanksgiving table at target. get a $10 gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon. ♪ come on-a my house >> pam: a violent sexual predator is now out of a california state hospital. and living in a north bay city. >> pam: >> catherine: kron4's haaziq madyun confronted him outside the shows us where the man will be living. >> reporter:this is 51-year-
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old fraisure earl smith >> reporter:fraisure would you like to say something to the citizens of vallejo about their concerns with you being in their city? the predator had no comment as he was leaving vallejo police headquarters. smith was convicted back in 2006 for assault with intent to rape. in 2010 he clasified as a sexual predator and hospital where he has been housed ever since. two years ago a judge ordered his release but finding residency was difficult because people did not want him living in their town. vallejo police lt. jeff bassett says vallejo residents didn't want him either but a state judge's order placed smith here >>"our hands are really our ability to respond to it is really nill" >> reporter:as a transient smith will be living here for at this here did not want to talk about the situation but one regular business traveler had plenty to say >> reporter:you don't want to be sharing a room right next door to him? >>"absolutely not what's to prevent him from striking again?" >> reporter:smith has registered with the vallejo
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police department but will not be their responsibility. the liberty health care corporation is responsible for supervising smith 24- hours a day, under the department of state hospitals conditional release program. in vallejo haaziq madyun kron4news >> reporter: tonight in my store we will go to like connie to show recovery actions after the deadly fire. a home video from quiet for. >> catherine:an estranged couple is being ordered to throw away five frozen embryos. a san francisco judge says they have to abide by an agreement they made to destroy the embryos in the event of divorce. the judge ruled tentatively today that the agreement trumps the woman's desire now >> catherine:to keep the
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embryos. she argues they're her last chance to have children. >> catherine:her ex- husband...has wanted to discard them. the judge says california law is clear that couples must decide what to do with the embryos they create in case of divorce. >> catherine:it's been warming up. diane is here with the latest on what to expect as we approach the weekend. >> diane: about a couple more days for the warm-up and then things will cool down. take a look at the live camera right now at the bay bridge trout toll plaza. >> diane: have the current numbers, did the piper livermore and pleasanton. 60 degrees for the north bay. >> diane: and 9:00 p.m. tonight and will continue with clear skies. for the coast.
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>> diane: basically, keeping things were what it should be this time of year and the overnight hours. >> diane: san francisco will be at 52 degrees for your daytime high. >> diane: we do have a disturbance at the pacific northwest, that would drop down into our region bringing the cooler temperatures starting this week and into next week with rainshowers. >> diane: 7 degrees for the north bay, clear skies tomorrow and into today. with a daytime high at five degrees warmer than where we should be for this time of
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year. the trend will continue long after it for the next couple of days. >> diane: after friday clear skies again, with 65 for along the coast and 69 for the bay. >> pam: >> catherine: next, let's talk turkey. kron4's, vicki is next >> gary: the big game week. people with drinks in their hand waiting for saturday's game. more on the warriors! and we cannot talk and tough of golden state. of golden state. lace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it.
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because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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>> catherine: as we near thanksgiving. it's a burning question that plagues households across america. how to prepare the holiday bird? tonight on dine and dish - vicki liviakis - attempts to
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>> catherine: let's talk turkey. >> vicki:william shatner's obsession for deep fried aside. we want to help you solve the holiday dilemma - traditional pan roasted? smoked. or deep fried. >> vicki:so we arranged for a turkey cook-off. our turkey expert chef matthew dolan of sf restaurant - 25 lusk. >> vicki:he cooks bird on the big day for his family. the judges - >> vicki:two young connoiseurs. >>aria, took her prize winning recipe - >>barack-amole - straight to the white house. >> vicki:and her baker brother - payton, better known as chef pay - competed on the food network. the judges don't hold back. >> vicki:the judges go wild for the zest mash potatoes. >> vicki:in the end.
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non-conventional wins out. smoked turkey smokes the competition. >> catherine: still ahead at 8. >> catherine: a photo of police in the netherlands goes viral after what they did to help a woman with 5 children. >> catherine: and next. >> catherine: why airport security seized hundreds of tamales. return >> stanley:coming up >>you think i'm going to pay for this no? the five times you get caught going to eat up all that >> stanley:we have conversations with people caught driving illegally on the freeway shoulder in the next edition of people behaving
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♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> catherine: hundreds of prohibited port tamales tamales found inside the luggage of a passenger
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coming from mexico were recently seized at los angeles international airport, u.s. customs and border protection officials announced in a news release on wednesday. >> grant:the passenger, who arrived at lax on nov. 2, marked "yes" on a customs declaration form about bringing food to the if it contained pork products, the traveler gave declaration, according to the release. >> grant:customs and border protection agriculture unidentified person's pork tamales wrapped in plastic bags. >> grant:u.s. customs and border protection on nov. 18, 2015, 450 tamales that were seized earlier. >> grant:u.s. customs and border protection on nov. 18, 2015, provided this photo of some 450 tamales that were seized at lax about two weeks earlier. >>"although tamales are a foreign meat products can carry serious animal diseases from countries affected by outbreaks of avian influenza, mad cow and swine fever," anne maricich, the agency's acting director of field operations in los angeles, said in the release.
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>> catherine: ahead at eight. >> catherine: how a local 9 year old girl is helping foster children in need. >> catherine:
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>> reporter: in effect the damage to the building is extensive. >> right now we does have to get cleaned up and take one step at a time. >> reporter: the busy what i am talking about, in certain areas there are the brink scattered every which way. property after property and in one location a chimney still standing, and many trees on their sides. as crews, to stay busy at work. >> it is heartbreaking for it as many trees uc down and remembered that they are part of the mountain. it is all over not just here. every subdivision.
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>> reporter: crews are in middletown and in top derrick fema has approved more than $2 million in grants. but even so, barbara tells us she is unsure as if she will be able to rebuild. >> we are just waiting to see how the insurance company handle it. >> reporter: i do want to take a closer look at some of the video you saw there. i talked briefly about the tree situation. all of the trees there, right over there and some there. these are trees that have been cut down. and the lake county area trees can be found all over the place. and the reason for this is that they've been a lot of these trees hazard to power lines or people and houses spirit
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even to the roadways. it is one of those things, striking things did you see all over the lake county area. >> reporter: many people that live there is we sad to see these trees come down. >> reporter: catherine, now back to you. >> catherine: new at 8 tonight and only on 4.all week we've featured a new device of ours called quadcam4. a camera that gives a birds-eye view of any given area. you the most perspective on the damage in lake county. 19-hundred structures were destroyed. by thanksgiving about 300 properties will have been cleared. so there is still lots of work to be done.
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i do want to take a closer including j-r stone's report >> catherine: most drivers are fully aware when they are doing something wrong. >> catherine: but they often won't admit it. >> catherine: stanley roberts talks with drivers in oakland who were caught in the act. >> catherine: well just listen to the conversations in this edition of people behaving valley. --badly >> stanley: this town car driver tried to sneak back
8:35 pm
in line but lacoste was a good sport. >> this saves a ton of time actually. i have a passenger and i'm trying to get her to the airport. now i am late anyway. >> >> stanley: the day before this chp were issued 13 shoulder driving tickets. >> stanley: this guy, i guess he will take his iphone video to court. >> stanley: stanley roberts, kron 4 news.
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>> there are bosc above, >> reporter: 42 years 9 year-old lily lee has given back. after so many foster children... >> is not really a merry christmas. >> reporter: sole lee is trying to change that.... >> reporter: this year alone she has donated a tons of toys and just there at this one slowly trying location. lilly has already given >> reporter: lee has taken about upon herself to buy the toys for foster kids with the donations. even
8:37 pm
working out deals with the stores where she buys them. not to mention some 3000 in donations all over she has even started her own road- this website where people can go and donate. >> reporter: yes, while it was all her idea. lilly does get her help from her proud papa. >> interesting, when she realized what a foster child was she was moved she was split her birthday money and gifts. she has always been that way. >> i am grateful to all of the people that are donating because they are helping another child. >> catherine: this story was brought to our attention by a viewer. if you have a story like this to look into. simitar ideal at kron4
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that, under my kron4 story section. >> catherine:
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>> grant: we have all seen the on marco ferry bosses. they are largely known as blue buses. after a pilot program that test the impact on the city. the transit industry has decided to allow it. but, not without
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restrictions. >> grant: the city would charge the buses and perfidy stock. and larger buses will have to stay on the main road. >> diane: and has been nice today creek where skies for the rest of your night. the bay bridge toll plaza, clear skies for the san francisco peninsula as well. we are dealing with the mid to upper '40's. at 52 degrees for san francisco tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.. >> diane: will have an afternoon to early morning rain showers and wednesday widespread rain showers for the center cisco it bay area. bangs giving, will be monday. --windy
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>> diane: warm temperatures yet again with a system command kalinin's down quite a bit. --cooling us down quite a bit. >> catherine: the chp says the unidentified woman was fully clothed when she used the on rap and then began to strip as she headed east bound. when they ride the woman said she resisted arrest and taken into custody about 645 and driven to ask after general for a mental evaluation. >> reporter: i am justine waldman and i am here with y disk the toy is being considered dangerous.
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>> catherine: and gary will have the sports next e a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar
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♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
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>> catherine: choking hazards, injuries and the potential for strangulation all morning to night about the dangers of choice for young children. this is as
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the nation or national retail federation says more than half of holiday shoppers have already started buying gifts. a consumer watch groups set up and running tonight on what choice not to buy. kron4 justine waldman is here with the toys on that list. >> reporter: many of the toys of this your list can be found at stores like toys r us, wal-mart and kmart. they also can be bought from online from ebay or amazon. the group with the top tent dangerous toys put out the list to make it easy for parents or grandparents to identified to a risk. >> reporter: the rush to purchase holiday present is here but before you buy in morning on how puppy, zebra and plastics or convert your child. >> i just trust that
8:47 pm
everything in the stores is safe and let him help me pick them out. >> reporter: the group world against toys causing harm also known as a watch says the toys singled out the tamils' dangers for this year's represent common problems from choking to losing an eye. on the list but plus accrued costs >>claws >> reporter: they are child sized dinosaur gloves made of foam the group claims they can cause eye and facial injuries. a trampoline, that looks really fun but the group's its achilles' injury during use and assembly and a player like substance made the list watch says the pugo contains a week and could cause an allergic reaction such as high as headaches
8:48 pm
and difficulty breathing. >> reporter: even a doctor says the group were discussing your child to the hospital because the present a choking hazard. the from dark gun according to watch is just too realistic looking for it watch more shoppers to know these tin toys are not the only potential dangers toys out there because parents want this reaction. >> diane: >> gary: i am going to drive up and say welcome to the auto show. >> catherine: are you a car export? >> catherine: (laughter) >> gary: know. ---no
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>> catherine: this sounds kind of meat like parrot >> gary: you know what i hate it when grad's wife is here. he tends to show off. (laughter) >> gary: i have done the odd shell creek they gave me and choice accurate if you want to come in here and sit for 12 hours a day or do you want to go out to the auto show? >> gary: the eyes are is sworn to be dynamite. >> grant: " there you go. (laughter) >> gary: you know what i liked? >> catherine: what?
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>> gary: they're nice people and this is a nice couple. yeah >> catherine: and the baby is cute tear it--yes, and the baby is cute. >> gary: the forty-niners are a 13 point underdog at seattle sunday. colin kapernick struggled against the seahawks in his career. with one win in seven games against them. cap but it's terrible out earlier this season in 20-3 loss at levi stadium. >> gary: the blaine had gathered after leading the 49-to a road victory
8:51 pm
against defendants and their last game, it is looking to keep the momentum on his side. but will face the seahawks in seattle. here is what governor had to say about this challenge. >> gary: the raiders, meanwhile to play favorites at detroit but most of the questions today or about the your lost its a of linebacker aldon smith. >> great teammate. but we have to move on with our tam occurred when he is what it is time for him to come back he will be welcome with open arms. >> gary: that are in detroit on sunday morning. >> gary: >> gary: day are on >> gary: for four straight years to coach david shot says he has something better
8:52 pm
to do. taking shots at the big game. >> i have to admit i miss this event just like the coach david shell. he missed the last four years to rid we can get ahead cardinal to come to the fairmont public and the pope to come to america. (laughter) >> gary: they do not want to do it for it to they want to work on the game. they know that their job depends on your love to go out there and have two drinks and get away from work. but, these coaches do not want to get away from focusing on the game. >> gary: i had then gone to kron4's picnic in several years tricked because i
8:53 pm
rather be working. >> catherine: have i been missing a picnic? >> gary: of this week, you haven't been going as well. (laughter) >> gary: the warriors with three more wins are off to a 12-0 start to the season. one of only seven teams in the national basketball association history to do so. >> catherine: and if there is not a kron4 picnic in just ought to be.
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>> grant: these police officers the crown to make sure that these children were ok. they did not have to stick, and cut them full to make sure that they were ok. >> catherine: they cook and baekeland up. thanks for joining us everyone see you at 11!
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